Make Covid Work For You (in a home business that’s setup for you)

Six-feet, don’t touch, swab, quarantine, mask, jab, outside only, reopen, close again, booster, Delta, vaccine passports, years passing…WTF! Okay so folks in Hollywood can stop making horror movies… Their art can’t imitate the real-world torment a lot of people are feeling from a pandemic that’s clearly playing the long game with us… Today we hear that

where is your future?

Will Working From Home Create or Crash Your Career?

Covid is changing what we value in our work. We can’t begin to know how Covid will ultimately play out, how it will rearrange everything we once took for granted. But we can see now that  Covid is playing the long game.  As in, we could see years and even a decade passing by our masked

fall off corporate ladder

How to Fall Off the Corporate Ladder…into a profitable home business

For the longest time there was this worship of the corporate ladder, and for good reason.  You could hop on and climb it to the top! Many are still climbing it. Looking up and climbing up toward . . . what these days?  The top? Let’s spend some time with this, because it is all about the kinds of lives we want to be living

Business couple wanting all-in-one software to run their business.

All-in-one task management software

5 Benefits of GoSolo Software for Task Management GoSolo Software is a task management software with built-in automations that are ideal for launching and running a home-based or remote-working business. It arrives already setup and requires no tutorial (though one exists if desired). Included is email and phone support from a team of solo business

women leaders inspiring

Working from home with GoSolo Software

Ditching the corporate life for home-working isn’t always about equality. But sometimes it really is… Sandy Horten wasn’t yet born the year Helen Reddy mythically burned her bra in Central Park.  And she knew little about the long struggle for women’s equality. She’d been raised far from the “hullabaloo” as her Dad called it. Raised

Top 50 Solo Business Paradises

For many of us, where we live matters more than ever… No matter how Covid plays out, the quality of life we can enjoy is going to to have less and less to do with the big city and more with small towns where a family can be raised naturally and a life lived free

Surprisingly Practical Guide to Remote Working

In their new book, “Remote, Inc.: How to Thrive at Work,” authors Samuel and Pozen deliver such valuable advice, don’t go remote without it. When you look at the author’s credentials—Harvard professors, contributors to The Wall Street Journal—you’re expecting turgid.  Expecting Gartner graphs.  And longitudinal this and that’s.   You’re not expecting a modern echo of John

starting a business like a bucket of crabs

Starting your own business can be like a bucket of crabs…

…which explains why friends and family often try to talk you out of going solo. Try shooting for something big, like starting a business, and you can count on friends and family to not support you. Oh some will get behind you.  But often when you tell the people close to you that you want

All-in-one business software for solopreneurs comparisons

All-In-One Software for Solopreneurs

With so many people working remotely, why isn’t there a single software for solopreneur productivity? An estimated 15 to 20 million Americans, some by choice, others by the lack of it, are walking away from the old big company ideal and striking out on their own, taking it solo, becoming solopreneurs in soloniche businesses. New business

Remote Working in the Truth-Is-Dead Era

With most workers planning on keeping it remote, another layer of distance is put between us and what’s true. By some estimates, 114% of everything we see, hear, touch and taste is a lie.   Reports of truth’s death may be exaggerated, but it can get really hard to tell sometimes with all the new video

Gearing up to teh top in our new world of work

One Person, Million Dollar Business…After Covid

Books like “Million Dollar, One-Person Business” helped a lot of people pre-Covid. How will they help…post? Going into the pandemic there was no better guide for solopreneurs than Elaine Pofeldt’s Million Dollar, One-Person Business.   Her book and trainings helped a lot of people when times were good. Then with Covid, times weren’t so good. Those of

Why bother even having a boss?

Think of all the totally cool things that come from having a boss… For starters, isn’t it nice to let someone else… Decide what your daily schedule will be… Randomly set a commute schedule for you to accomodate Covid distancing.. Assign you to your own formaldehyde-laced cubicle Hand you projects some unseen algorithm has brilliantly

Solo business as the future of work

Solo business is freedom working

Sole proprietorship is building economies one person at a time Today’s solo business leaders are found among people of all ages — from millennials to baby boomers. Across the generations, a common bond is being forged by sole proprietors creating their own opportunities and finding there is no better way to thrive. New ventures from solopreneurs are

Ideal Solo Business For You? [Free Assessment]

What is the thing you were meant to do? Let’s blue-sky for a moment, daydream and think outside the screen… What would be the ideal solo business for you?  The one where you truly take your fate into your own hands, strike out on your own, do the thing you were meant to do, the

Testing GoSolo Software

Beta Testers Wanted for Solo Business Software

It’s not really beta testing, its life changing – especially if you’re looking to strike out on your own in a solo business, because…  GoSolo Software sets you up in a ready-made business, every step handled A > Z. But of course, we’re still early stage, and want to get all the feedback we can

How is America Working?

Solopreneurs Earning More Than Company Stiffs?

Upwork study: Solopreneurs earn more than 70% of all workers. Something is happening in the world of work. Fair to call it a trend, even a massive trend. Shopify COO Hurley Finkelstein calls it, in a Wall Street Journal story, “a future where everyone is an entrepreneur.“   And yes, there are now more than 57 million entrepreneurs, solopreneurs,

chart of best and worst online businesses

Best Online Businesses, Worst Online Businesses

Who do the best online businesses get little promotion, but the worst pop up everywhere you look? Let’s see why. So you’re looking for a good business to go into, maybe just you or with a partner, and you take your search online for four billion others are doing… Type in the usual keywords and

We’ve Seen The Future Of Work

In this future of work we confront a stark choice between what we’ve known and what we could become, post-Covid. Some people tie this new outlook on the working world to March 23 of last year, when Covid unleashed a new kind of hell on us all… But this future began creeping in 25 years

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